Monday, 6 March 2017


Quiltcon 2017 - Best of Show - SOLD


  1. Will this ever be available as a pattern? I adore it!

    1. Thank you for contacting me regarding a pattern for Bling... unfortuately this quilt is not suitable to turn into a pattern and out of respect for the person who purchased the quilt as a one off piece it would not be the right thing to do even if it were possible. I have a couple of other patterns available here:…/sh…/designerfriends/two-kats-quilts

  2. I'm happy for you to have sold this quilt, Katherine! And I'm desperately hoping you received an amount for it that's reflective of your skills as a designer and maker. Too often, quilters receive a pittance for their skills, so you represent many of us who strive to earn what our abilities deserve. Could you answer a question... Did the quilt say in your country? Or did it go somewhere else?